His Grace is sufficient for me.

9 Sep


His Grace is sufficient for me.

For some reason that is running through my head. As Christians we hear that saying. Oh boy, do we believe it though? I, of all people do I believe that? I know my God is asking me that this morning. I first have to ask myself WHAT IS Grace?
Well, Grace comes to us in an abundance not just once, John 1:16 says, “from the fullness of His grace we have received one blessing after another.” Wow, I feel humbled by your mercy God. You pour out your blessings to me time and time again. I’m so underserving of it.
Then I hear my Savior say to me….Tahny you are worth it to me. I made you in my imagine. Anything and Everything I make in My imagine is Mine, you are Mine! I love you more then anything. I know you better then anyone, I see you from the inside out. I have felt your fears, I have walked and lived through these emotions of doubt and begging for My Father to rescue me from the ultimate fear. I know your thoughts, I have lived them so I can say I know. But, Tahny I have conquered death so you don’t have to. I, Tahny LIVE within you and anyone who has Me within WILL have everlasting life. I am unmovable, unshakable and my Grace is never ending. I LOVE you, Tahny. I died for you. Nobody else would do that for you but Me. I want to shower you with gifts, blessings, forgiveness, mercy, love and…..GRACE.

I love you Lord


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