Gentle Max

14 Sep


Max was born Oct. 2, 2003. That day my life changed and I had a new title to many roles I live. But, this was by far the most important. MOM. I wear this title in caps. Max was born a lover. Even as a baby you were drawn to him. His aunt Becky would come over everyday from her lunch break just to hold and take a nap with this angel baby. You would just want to breathe him in…I felt so in awe of him. I was overwhelmed that God made this child just for me, His hands touched Max, His breath was on the face of this childs’ cheeks that I now kiss, my child, Max. I would often say, “I never really could grasp how much our God truly loved me until the day He gave me Max.” To give this child to me even though my Maker knows all my faults, sins and shortcoming He would still bless/give me Max?! Oh, Lord I’m beyond humbled, and so gracious.

Max on the first day of 3rd grade

Yes, I know he looks older then only 3rd grade. But he is only 8, turning 9 October 2nd. Wow, how time flies. I love his age right now. He is fun, holds great conversation, loving and gentle to everyone and everything. Max is so thoughtful all the time. I never have to tell Max to be nice or go play with another child that might be left out. Max does this without a thought. I know that he is doing this because he see’s the need of kindness to someone else. See, the thing about Max is that he does this naturally without thinking twice. I love it when people tell me about some kind act Max did. Other people have to tell me about it because Max doesn’t see anything significant about the way he lives his life.
There are many times I will find in Max’s backpack an Eagle Excellent . Those are little tickets teachers hand out at school when an adult sees another child do good behavior, being helpful or using their manners. Once you get one of these tickets you’re supposed to hand it into the office in hopes it will get drawn back out from a basket to eat lunch with the principle. I always ask Max how did he get his Eagle Excellent today? I get the same response every time, “I really don’t know mom they just handed it to me.” Then I’ll ask him why he didn’t hand it into the office and he says it’s just not a big deal to him. Max truly has a light that shines.

Every morning before Max steps on the school bus I ask him, “what’s your goal today?” his response is, “to be like Jesus.” Max gave his life to the Lord 2yrs ago. And this summer Max and daddy got baptized together. I wanted to burst with tears of joy! To see loved ones that you hold so dear, make an outward confession for their love of Christ….it just leaves me speechless.

Max loves his brother Rudy with his whole being. Even though Rudy is the constant center of attention and it seems Max constantly gets put second, he still thinks Rudy is the best thing ever. And as soon as Rudy was born they were connected heart and soul. When I was pregnant with Rudy, Max would tell me that his baby brother is going to have red hair. I would tell Max that probably is not going to happen since there are not red heads in the family! Max never wavered that thought, Max was certain his new brother would have red hair. Well, with my very last push during labor, I looked up at my dear husband and said, “wouldn’t it be funny if the baby was a red head?” Then appeared Rudy, the REDHEAD! Kent and I were floored! Kent went out in the waiting room walked pass all the anxious and waiting family members and knelt down in front of everyone at Max’s feet and asked, “how’d you know he was going to be a redhead?” With tears and shock on my family members faces Max said without hesitation, “Jesus told me.” Plain and simple, “Jesus told me.”

I love seeing Max take care of Rudy when he gets a boo-boo. Max will hold Rudy and rock him back and forth saying, “oh little buddy it will be ok, you just have to be more careful ok” then Rudy will say “ok” give hugs and be on his way. I’ve even heard Max mumble to himself,”I love that little boy.”

Max taught Rudy a secret handshake, and many other things. But, the things I’m most proud of are not handshakes at all, it’s just Max leading by example of how to love like Christ, to be kind and gentle like Christ and to always let His light shine.

I’m constantly amazed by Max. He is so gentle. That is a character trait all of his own.

Things I love about you, Max…
-You give your frozen waffles away because your heart told you to
-You go into the other teams dugout at a baseball game that you’re playing in, to check on the kid that just get hit with a ball. You needed to know he was o.k. and if he needed ice. While your team was yelling at you to come back, you didn’t care, you just looked at me and yelled from the field, “mom do we have some ice for him?”
-You spend all your winning tickets at an arcade to buy me a fabric rose
-You sing at church with your hands raised praising Jesus
-You ask the kid at school that’s been picking on you if he would just like to be your friend, then you could teach him how to be nice. (it work and they are friends now)
-You make sure almost everyday that I’ve taken my medicine, I love the way you say “Coumadin.” (I’ll get to that another day on why I take that med)
-You tell me you made a new friend today at school and his name is Nick & you’d like to have him over to our house sometime (Nick is autistic) The only thing Max notices about Nick is that he is really nice and “cool”
-But most importantly you shine so bright from the Son & you look at the world thru the eyes of Jesus.

I find this lyric so fitting for Max

“I was just a child when I felt the Savior leading
I was drawn to what I could not understand
And for the cause of Christ, I have spent my days believing
That what He’d have me be is who I am”
-Greg Long

Thank you Lord for Max.
You couldn’t have made him more perfect for me.
He has enriched my life and others in such a unique way that it could only be from You.

Max, cousin Joey & I

You are so special and I love you Max but, I love you more Lord for having me be his MOM.


2 Responses to “Gentle Max”

  1. Becky 14/09/2012 at 4:17 pm #

    I love you too, Mr. P!

  2. Becky 19/09/2012 at 11:09 am #

    I just read this again and I am so proud to be Max’s aunt! He is so precious to me and I just love how much he strives to be more and more like Christ! He is truly a sweet and lovable boy. Love you so much bud! p.s. I loved to snuggle him when he was a little baby…I couldn’t get enough of him!

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